22/02/2012 11:58 GMT

Back To Its Roots: Richard Shilling's 'Land Art'

Next time you’re out on a country walk and you hear a little rustling, don’t panic. It isn’t a bear or a lion or a wolf, it’s artist and friendly forager Richard Shilling out collecting material for his Land Art.

The artist uses only materials provided by Mother Nature, and photographs are taken in natural light to accentuate their beauty.

By bringing art back to its roots, Shilling’s work is a clear statement against the commercialism and exclusivity of the art world.

The artist says on his website he was influenced by fellow Land Artist Andy Goldsworthy, whose work he saw while walking around his home town of Lancashire:

“I studied Goldsworthy’s work in detail. This included copying some of his most famous sculptures, almost like serving an apprenticeship with a master.

"Through the process of making sculptures I discovered there are many more layers to land art than is first apparent and my deep love for nature that I had since I was a small child intensified.

"I started to develop my own personal style but as Goldsworthy was such an inspiration to me then his influence still remains.”

Eager to pass on all that he has learnt, Shilling holds workshops on the subject of Land Art, offers one-to-one tuition and has published two children’s books.

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He has been commissioned to create one of a kind pieces, has hosted various ephemeral exhibitions and often writes short stories to accompany his works.

For more information, visit his site and check out the gallery of our favourite pieces below.