23/02/2012 06:44 GMT

Helena Christensen, Nearly Naked Models In Triumph Essence Lingerie At Selfridges (PICTURES, VIDEO)

Nearly naked models are loitering in the windows of London’s Selfridges today as Helena Christensen launches a new range of lingerie.

The Dutch-born supermodel is the face – and body – for Triumph’s Essence collection, and will be appearing in person at the superstore.

As well as featuring scantily-clad beauties, the window display incorporates an interactive mirror designed to allow you to try on lingerie without getting undressed.

A touch screen display will project the lace and silk pieces onto your silhouette, sparing you the indignity of parading your wares in the middle of Oxford Street.

Ms Christensen says: "For me, it's essential for a lingerie collection to have a female perspective. After all, women are wearing these pieces and it's all about what makes you feel good. And these sophisticated styles definitely do that."