Inquest For Toddler Emily Warner Hanged By Window Blind Cord

Inquest For Toddler Hanged By Window Blind Cord

An inquest will be held today into the death of a toddler who was accidentally hanged by a window blind cord.

Emily Warner died in December, four months after she was left brain damaged when she accidentally hanged herself on a window-blind cord in her bedroom.

Her father Jamie Warner found the two-year-old unconscious in her bedroom at their home in Royston, Hertfordshire, with the cord around her neck in August last year.

He had gone upstairs to talk to his son, James, four, when he found her seemingly lifeless body.

Warner previously told the Cambridge News: "James had been naughty so he had been sent to bed at the same time as Emily.

"If James hadn't been naughty and been sent to bed early I might not have gone to check on her in time."

The accident left Emily unable to walk, talk or feed herself.

She was in a coma in intensive care at Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge, for a week after the accident in August but died in December.

At the time of the accident Michael Corley, of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, said: "There have been 18 deaths, similar to what happened to Emily Warner, since 1999, and many more we don't know about."

The inquest into her death will be held at Hertfordshire Coroner's Court in Hatfield today at noon.

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