24/02/2012 17:36 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Condom News: A Condom Dress Is Banned From School And Zac Efron Drops One On Red Carpet?

Today is one of those days when two unrelated incidents come together to form a MyDaily short story. On the one hand, we have a Catholic schoolgirl banned from showing her condom dress art project at school and on the other we have Zac Efron apparently dropping a condom on the red carpet at The Lorax movie premiere.

Here's the Zefron incident:

Here's the dress:

Condom news: A condom dress is banned from school and Zac Efron drops one on red carpet? Photo: NTI Media Ltd / Rex Features

Basically the scenario which is now playing in our heads is one where Zac Efron spends his time visiting Catholic schools in Leamington Spa and sprinkling condoms liberally all over the floor which are then collected by teenage girls and fashioned into clothing.

We're considering working it up as a screenplay and sending it to the BBC.

In case you wanted to find out more about the two individual stories, here they are in brief:

1. Teenager Meg Todd was banned from wearing the condom dress she made in response to her art class's brief: "contagion". Trinity School, Leamington Spa decided that the dress was not in keeping with its philosophy and barred the garment from being worn in a fashion show at the school. For what it's worth, we think it's a really interesting response to the theme and hope Meg gets a good grade.

2. Zac Efron was attending the premiere of animated movie The Lorax when he gets something out of his pocket to pass to his publicist and a square gold packet falls out too. It's a case of blink-and-you'll-miss-it at the 10 second mark on the YouTube clip. After that there's a certain amount of hiding behind sunglasses and giggling into his own hand. We can't say for sure whether it was a condom but the possibility is definitely floating about in the aether.

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