Cover Design Competition: William Golding's 'Lord Of The Flies'

Newly Crowned Lord Of The Flies

Many of us will have read William Golding’s Lord of the Flies at some point. And no doubt the savage, anarchic tale will stay with some for the rest of their lives.

Thinking back to Piggy’s glasses, the conch and blood-thirsty Jack, conjures up haunting images we might rather wish to forget. But in a recent competition, teenagers were given the chance to put those thoughts to paper creating a new cover design for a new educational edition released in Summer 2012.

Talented 15-year-old Amy Baxter is delighted that her illustration Into the Mouth of the Beast was selected as the winner.

“I am absolutely honoured to have won the competition.

"I studied the book last year at school and found it absolutely fascinating, so it was really fun to have the opportunity to turn it into a cover of my own design, let alone to have it published,” she said.

The decision to crown Baxter Lord of the Flies was unanimous. Judy Golding, the daughter of the author and one of the judges, said:

“I think that our choice is undoubtedly the right one – a design that shows understanding, wit, and technical confidence, and uses these qualities quite boldly, awakening the interest of a potential reader but also provoking recognition and appreciation in those who know the book well.”

The competition, run by Faber & Faber and Guardian News & Media, unveiled the winning piece at an exhibition showcasing the best of the entries earlier this month at the Guardian offices in London.

We’ve got some in the gallery below and you can access the rest on the competition site. Which are your favourites?


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