28/02/2012 13:03 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Oscars 2012: Thirteen Pictures Of Jean Dujardin Having The Best Night EVER

Oscars 2012: Thirteen pictures of Jean Dujardin having the best night EVER Photos: AFP/Getty

Jean Dujardin spent the whole of the Oscars on Sunday having what looked suspiciously like THE BEST NIGHT EVER. Even before he won his Best Actor trophy he was charming us utterly and completely on the red carpet, much in the manner of his The Artist character, George Valentin. Then he collected the gong and his Gallic adorableness promptly zoomed off the chart (aided and abetted by one Meryl Streep).

Click through the gallery below and we reckon it'll take a maximum of three pictures before you're grinning like an idiot!

P.S. Our favourite pic is the one where you can just see his hand poking out from the stage curtain and he is STILL celebrating...