29/02/2012 02:06 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Hair Care Brand Creates Homage To The Artist - Too Cute?

Hair care brand Leonor Greyl has created this lovely parody of the Oscar-winning movie The Artist, complete with Jack Russell!

Hairstylist Louise Moon (who plays the hairstylist in the short film) is the person responsible for all of the real Jean Dujardin's Los Angeles press and awards show grooming - including his Oscar night hairstyle.

According to Moon: "Leonor Greyl is the products i was using on him and they approached me if i would like to do a little movie recreating what i do with him as the hairdresser actress in their homage to the great Oscar win for Jean for best actor and The Artist Oscar win for best movie!!!! Mais Bien Sur!!!!!!"

We think the video really strikes the right note - how about you?