'Oldest Sheep In The World' Methuselina Dies At 25

A sheep thought to be the oldest in the world has died after falling off a cliff at the age of 25.

The ewe, named Methuselina, still had all of her own teeth, allowing her to graze well into her dotage.

Her owner John Maciver, of Lewes, Scotland said her passing had not been gentle: "She passed away and I wouldn't say peacefully. I found her at the bottom of a rock.

"She had gone over a cliff and met her demise that way at the grand old age of 25 years and 11 months."

He said she had reached a "sad end", adding: “A fence could never keep her – she was lively."

The life expectancy of a sheep is between 10-12 years, however the Guinness Book of World Records records a 23-year-old sheep called Lucky, who died in Australia in 2007 after a heatwave.