07/03/2012 10:38 GMT | Updated 07/03/2012 10:49 GMT

Wandsworth Museum's 'Portrait of London' Exhibition Shows Earliest Pictures Of Capital

These days, between uploading two hundred images of your weekend away in Rome or rushing to detag embarrassing Facebook images, it’s hard to imagine a time where photographs were few and far between.

Portrait of London, a new photo exhibition at Wandsworth Museum in South London, serves as a unique reminder of a not-to-distant past when cameras were a rarity.

A compilation of fascinating historic London photographs taken from the Museum of London and various other collections, Portrait of London offers the rare opportunity to look back as far as the 19th century in the capital.

Among the most notable images are the earliest known photographic image of London taken in 1839, a 1909 portrait of Suffragettes taken by Britain’s first female press photographer, Christina Broom and a photograph capturing a building collapse after being hit by a bomb during the London Blitz.

The exhibition is open until Sunday 12 August, and you can see a selection below.