08/03/2012 06:17 GMT | Updated 08/05/2012 06:12 BST

Sarah Palin Rumoured To Be Considering A Late Presidential Bid

Rumours are circulating in the US that Republican firebrand Sarah Palin could be about to mount a late bid for the White House.

Bookmakers William Hill have cut Palin's odds of winning the Republican nomination to 33-1 - that puts her ahead of Newt Gingrich, for whom they offer odds of 40-1.

Palin revealed on Wednesday that she voted for Gingrich in the Alaska republican primary.

“There are many Republicans, who are not happy that Mitt Romney appears to be on his way to a virtually unopposed nomination, who would welcome the arrival in the race of one or two big hitters”, said William Hill’s spokesman Graham Sharpe.

Front-runner Mitt Romney dismissed speculation that Palin might run on Wednesday.

Despite winning most of the states and delegates in Tuesday's "Super Tuesday" primaries, he is unloved by the grassroots of the Republican party and there are serious doubts over whether he can mobilise conservative voters come the final election for the White House in November.

Sarah Palin on Wednesday refused to rule out entering the contest, saying: ""Anything in this life, in this world is possible.

"Anything is possible for an American. I don't discount any idea or plan that, at this point, isn't in my control. Anything's possible."

Interest in Palin is likely to be stirred in the US in the coming weeks, as HBO is shortly to air a film based on her 2008 nomination for Republican vice president. The film sees Palin played by Julianne Moore, who has been touring the American evening talk-shows to promote the film this week.