Guess Who's Embracing Their Inner-Indie Kid?

As it's Friday and the most exciting news to reach us so far today is the fact that Lindsay Lohan is a red head again we thought we'd have a little game of guess the celeb.

We had to stare REALLY hard for a VERY long time before we could correctly name this famous(ish) type going about their business in London's Primrose Hill and we weren't the only ones. A quick straw poll of the Huff Post office came up with everyone from Natalie Cassidy (ouch) to Noel Fielding (double ouch).

Neither were right though because it is in fact... wait for it... Sharleen Spiteri of Scottish pop rockers Texas.

Remember her?

To be fair, it has been quite while since Sharleen and her Texas band mates have bothered the charts but she did pop up at Stella McCartney's recent London Fashion Week dinner (you know, the one Rihanna was at where a load of models suddenly started dancing on the tables) and you can say what you want (sorry) but she couldn't have looked more different.

Yep, we definitely caught her on a dress-down day.

*goes off to listen to White On Blonde*