12/03/2012 12:50 GMT | Updated 12/03/2012 12:53 GMT

Cat Makes Friends With A Squirrel... Through A Window (VIDEO)

Mikey is a one-eyed ginger tabby. He is also adorable, and occasionally enjoys sitting on a windowsill in his owner's house.

Recently, Mikey made a new friend on the other side of the window pane - namely a squirrel who happened to be sitting there, eating some nuts.

OK, so we say "made a new friend" - we have a sneaking suspicion that if there wasn't a bit of double-glazing between them, this video would be a lot more frantic.

As it is, we get to see the lightning fast reflexes of this particular bushy-tailed rodent - seriously, who know they could move that fast? - and a couple of unintentional high fives between the two.

So whether they'd actually be best buddies if the glass weren't there remains to be seen, but we're still saying it's good enough for them to join our unusual animal friendships hall of fame - something you can check out here below...