Marie Osmond On Stage With Donny, Laughs So Much She 'Just Peed Her Pants', Repairs Damage With Towel

WATCH: Marie Osmond Has Little Accident

Singer Marie Osmond was left red faced during the final night of her concert cruise after falling into a fit of laughter and wetting herself on stage.

The veteran entertainer and her singer brother were hosting their final gig aboard the Donny & Marie Cruisin' With Friends tour on 2 March, when an audience member asked the 52 year old a question that caused her to double over in hysterics.

Marie couldn't regain her composure and she accidentally relieved herself in front of the entire crowd.

In video footage of the event, obtained by but since removed fromYouTube, Marie can be heard shouting, "I just peed my pants! Oh ship."

The Paper Roses hitmaker took the incident in stride and proceeded to mop up the mess with her dress until a stage hand was able to bring over a handful of paper towels.

A shocked Donny then closed the show by quipping, "We promised you an experience. You got it!"

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