Donny Osmond

Including Grammy-winning musicians, acclaimed actors and even some controversial political figures.
From my perspective, celebrities (like Clarkson) are admired and looked up to by countless individuals. And as a celebrity, one should do one's best to live above reproach; they should do everything possible to meet those expectations.
He isn’t the first ex-‘Strictly’ star to suggest the judging panel are getting a bit paddle-happy with their high scoring
‘Strictly Come Dancing’ will be welcoming Donny Osmond as a guest judge later this year, it has been announced. The showbiz
Jimmy Osmond admits that, when he first joined his siblings' famous group, he felt "like the mascot". The ninth and youngest
Standing Ovation is the album I've always wanted to make. My fourth album in three years and probably the one I am most proud of. You see, I have a long standing affiliation with musicals. As a wee girl the family would often congregate round the TV watching the old classics, South Pacific, Mary Poppins, Oliver, Fiddler on the Roof and then as I got older I went to see my first stage musical Les Miserable and from there I was hooked, captivated and I loved the way you could transform yourself into another world with the emotive lyrics.
The Killers band have joined in those stars paying tribute to legendary crooner Andy Williams. Brandon Flowers and Co paid
Singer Marie Osmond was left red faced during the final night of her concert cruise after falling into a fit of laughter