13/03/2012 10:45 GMT | Updated 13/03/2012 10:47 GMT

Amateur Impressionist Makes Worryingly Good Animal Noises (VIDEO)

Meet Mel. She's got a bit of a hidden talent she'd like to reveal to you, namely... making animal noises.

Hiding her light under a bushel for all these years, it's only now that she's revealing her ability to impersonate a crow to the world.

Sure, some of her attempts at certain farmyard inhabitants don't quite hit the spot - her goose isn't as honky or as hissy as we'd like, to be honest - but there's no denying her natural skills.

It reminds us of some other unique skills we've encountered about the interwebs of late. Just take a look at this girl's amazing dancing eyebrows:

Then when you're done with that, check out this lady saying things backwards, almost instantly. As you do.

Can you beat any of these lot? Let us know in the comment box below - though if you can beat any of these three, may we recommend you beat a path to your nearest Britain's Got Talent audition, because you've definitely got 'mad skillz'.