Barack Obama's Dog, Bo, Runs Behind Reporter During White House Piece To Camera (VIDEO)

WATCH: Barack Obama's Dog, Bo, Videobombs News Reporter

Univision is a Spanish-language television news network in the United States, and as such it often reports from the White House.

Most of the time, their footage in of itself isn't that noteworthy, but thanks to a recent appearance from the White House dog, Bo, the whole internet is playing attention.

Perhaps it's the big break reporter Adriana Arevalo was looking for - while she delivers a common or garden piece to camera, one of the world's most famous dogs makes an unexpected cameo. Happy days.

It helps, of course, that Bo is so unfathomably cute, the one-and-half-year-old male Portuguese Water Dog bounding about without a care in the world.

So to honour the so-called 'First Dog' here's a gallery of cute pics of Bo from a puppy to the present day - including flying on Air Force One, Christmas at the White House and meeting his adoring fans.


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