13/03/2012 06:11 GMT | Updated 13/03/2012 06:16 GMT

Toilet Paper Shortage In Trenton, New Jersey

The capital of New Jersey is at risk of running out of toilet paper thanks to a budget stalemate between the mayor and the city council.

Supplies are already desperately low at government buildings including City Hall and according to Bloomberg News, there will be none left at all by March 16, unless the expense is approved.

Trenton Mayor Tony Mack says the city council is refusing to sign off the $42,000 (£26,855) contract after baulking at his decision to approve a $4,000 charge for paper cups.

Even though the cups have since been removed from the contract, the council is standing firm, claiming Mack has not provided enough information about the order.

One source said: "We're not going to send out any blank cheques."

George Muschal, who represents the city’s South Ward said the council is also concerned the Mayor did not solicit bids from Trenton-based suppliers and voiced suspicions that Mack’s paper order had been unnecessarily large because employees could be stealing the products for use at home.