14/03/2012 12:19 GMT | Updated 14/03/2012 12:35 GMT

Chavs Beware! Paddy Power Claims First Scalps At Cheltenham (VIDEO, PICTURES)

Bookmaker Paddy Power claimed its first chav scalps today, just one day into the Cheltenham Festival.

Hot on the heels of its controversial Chav Tranquiliser advert last month, the betting giant today published a picture of its first casualties.

The shot (featured below in our slideshow)features two bodies lying prone on stretchers as their assassin glowers over them.

The initial advert featured a smartly-dressed man loading a dart gun, taking aim and firing at Cheltenham-going chavs.

Beer swilling louts were toppled, fake-tanned beauties were felled and there's was no regard for the race-goer who displayed her thong-clad bottom for the cameras.

Today’s update came via Twitter with the legend ‘CHAVS BEWARE!! Looks like the first chavs have met their match with the #chavtranquiliser today!’

An earlier Tweet had warned "vajazzlers" of imminent action.

The hashtag began trending with accusations of class hatred mingling with guilty and not-so-guilty giggles.

The firm was in hot water earlier this year after its Ladies Day advert, which featured transgendered actresses, was pulled from UK television.

Referring to the Ladies Day ad, a post on the gambling giant’s blog read: “Shockingly, our last TV ad has been banned after just four days... That’s some kind of record, even for us.”

The advert was suspended despite being pre-approved by British TV advertising clearance body Clearcast.

A disappointed Paddy Power consulted UK transgender group The Beaumont Society, for feedback on the script.

The group responded claiming there was "nothing untoward with the advert concept" and it was not inappropriate since "the entire campaign would be a tongue-in-cheek look at the Ladies Day race meeting where these days a large number of cross dressers make a day of it."

The company revealed it got its idea for its Chav Tranquiliser ad from a Facebook fan who prayed "the Chavs wouldn’t ruin the Cheltenham Festival like they had Royal Ascot.

The blog replied: “We hear you…and we hope this will resolve your problem. Keep an eye out for our expert marksman.”

Last summer the normally well-heeled Ascot Ladies Day descended into a drunken brawl after race-goers began hurling glasses, chairs and punches.

Scroll down for the banned Ladies Day advert