14/03/2012 15:31 GMT

Experimental Photography: Photo Extremist

Evan Sharboneau, aka Photo Extremist, takes photography to a whole new level. That’s what it says on his site and looking through his impressive images that’s also what he does in practice.

The 20 year old uses photo manipulation software to transform his photographs into surreal images.

"Capturing photos with your camera is all fine and dandy... but actually putting them on the computer and getting them in tip-top shape before you present them to other people is essential," he explains.

A Room Filled with an Obnoxious Amount of Money, appears to have over $1 million strewn over various surfaces, but actually it’s images of a mere $871 replicated over and over again.

Photo manipulation is nothing new, but what sets the artist apart from his peers is his desire to share his craft and teach others how to create amazing photographs.

His popular website offers tutorials on how to make similar images, as do the various books he has published.

Our favourite tutorial is How To Photograph A Flying Cat. What is yours?