14/03/2012 10:04 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

School Asks Former Staff And Pupils For Help After Forgetting Where A Time Capsule Was Buried!

Mattersey Primary School

Teachers at a school in South Yorkshire have been forced to track down former staff members after FORGETTING the location of a time capsule they buried in 1989!

The box was buried by teachers and students to mark Mattersey Primary School's Silver Jubilee 22 years ago.

Staff now want to locate the box in time for it to be opened in 2014 for the school's Golden Jubilee celebrations.

The school has a photo of the burying ceremony, but it holds no clues as to the exact location of the capsule.

Headteacher Sharon Patton told the BBC the situation was 'unfortunate' but that she hoped some former staff or pupils would be able to help. She said:

"It was buried in 1989 because it was the school's Silver Jubilee.

"In two years' time it will be the Golden Jubilee and we want to locate it before 2014.

"When we do find the box we'll be able to see what was put in there at the time.

"Our aim is then to compile a second time capsule with material from 2014 and bury that alongside the 1989 capsule.

"The idea is that, in another 25 years' time, children will open both boxes and see how the world they live in has changed from 50 and 25 years ago."

Oh dear! Let's hope they plot the exact location of the new capsule on a map!