16/03/2012 12:25 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

A Family PET That's Head And Shoulders Above The Rest...It's Fenne The GIRAFFE

A family PET that's head and shoulders above the's Fenne the GIRAFFE Barcroft

A family have released an amazing picture of their beloved pet GIRAFFE as a tribute.

Fenne was the real-life family pet of South African couple Colin and Theony McRae, who adopted the animal after it was found injured in the wild four years ago.

Sadly, after two years as a pet, the beautiful 10ft beast passed away after eating a poisoned leaf in the wild.

But Theony still has these photographs to remember Fenne by and now she wants to share them with the world.

Fenne was first discovered by the family's son Craig, then 19, in the hot South African bush. She was badly dehydrated and close to death after being abandoned by her mother.

But after carrying the creature back to his pick-up truck with the help of SIX staff members, Craig took the creature home for safety. And he nursed her back to health by feeding her cow's milk mixed with eggs.

When fully-grown, Fenne would chomp down piles of leaves each day, as well as eight litres of milk, with carrots as a special treat. She slept on the veranda of their countryside ranch, and joined the couple and their four children as they ate and played.

The outsize pet would come running when her name was called, just like a dog.

Theony, 52, told the Sun: "Even when she was getting too big to really fit, Fenne would still come to visit us indoors.

"She would duck down and come right in when she felt like it, she had to really get her head down.

"We had to kick her out the house sometimes because she was rather clumsy inside because hoofs on tile floors do tend to slip.

"We were very cautious that she wouldn't break her leg.

"On carpet she was alright, and sometimes she would step right over furniture to get around.

"But she didn't bump her head on things, she was very careful to bend down."

Tragically, Fenne suddenly died two years ago after eating a poisoned leaf while grazing in the wild.

Owner Theony told of her grief, explaining:

"She was like a member of our own family. We all loved her so much and she loved us just like we were one of her own kind.

"Fenne loved company. She loved to play with our dogs and would even follow our horses about.

"I hope one day we will find another precious gift like Fenne in our lives."