16/03/2012 05:19 GMT | Updated 20/06/2013 10:05 BST

Who Said It? Sir Alex Ferguson Or Tony Soprano? (QUIZ)

In The Godfather, a recuperating Vito Corleone is informed of his son Sonny’s brutal murder at a tollbooth, but rather than initiate bloody vengeance, demands there be “no enquiries” since enough blood has already been shed.

When Darren Ferguson was sacked by Preston North End in December 2010, Manchester United had three players on loan at PNE. Suddenly, Joshua King, Ritchie De Laet and Matthew James returned to the club.

Rather than maintain the “strict business” of football management, Sir Alex Ferguson took it personally and avenged his son’s dismissal in bloodless fashion.

The Scot has wielded a sledgehammer in two iron fists since his primary school days when one of his teachers claimed he could “start an argument in an empty room”. Any musings that he has mellowed were quashed as he effectively overlooked the progress of three young professionals’ career to keep it in the family.

Tyrannical, dictatorial and unforgiving, he oozes the characteristics of fictional mob bosses. One such icon is Tony Soprano, a man who Ferguson shares certain parallels with, from an infamous temper to astute prudence.

But can you spot the difference between the Scot and the Soprano?