Lady Gaga Slammed By Rufus Wainwright

'Gaga's Not Made One Good Song'

Rufus Wainwright has taken aim at Lady Gaga, branding her "disingenuous" and insisting the Poker Face hitmaker has "not one good song" in her back catalogue.

The eccentric singer has sold more than 23 million albums worldwide and has a devoted gay and straight following because of her anthems - but openly gay Wainwright is not a fan.

He tells Music Week magazine: "I totally admire her tenacity, her ambition and her strength of vision. There's just not one good song there.

"People, especially gay men, are falling so hard for it.

"Certain things that she says: 'Look at me. I was like you one day and now I'm this - and you can do it too.' I find it a bit disingenuous.

"We are in this somewhat sinister period and artists have got to kind of toughen up and be real. It's about conveying what's inside us, as opposed to the return of the cone breasts. I find it predictable and boring."


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