19/03/2012 12:37 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Boy Suspended From School For Shaving His Head For Leukemia Charity Fundraiser

Boy suspended from school for shaving his head for leukemia charity fundraiser Alamy

Well this seems a rather uncharitable upholding of school rules! A youngster has been suspended from school after he shaved his head to raise money for a cancer charity in support of his young friend who is fighting leukemia!

The year nine student at Padua College in Mornington, near Melbourne, Australia, was told his actions for the annual World's Greatest Shave fund-raising event were in breach of the school's uniform and grooming policy.

The 13-year-old - who has not been named - was given an 'internal suspension' which means he can now return to school, but only as long as he keeps a CAP on until his hair grows back!

The school's principal Christopher Houlihan said the student's shaved head was beyond the 'number two' that school rules allowed - although he admitted the boy had done it with the best of intentions:

"He took it on himself to shave his head for a very good cause, he didn't go through school procedures and deal with us first," Houlihan said.

"I've always told students who wanted to support World's Greatest Shave it was OK, as long as hair length was within acceptable levels - a number two. Then we can also then support them with publicity."

The annual money raising event is one of Australia's biggest charity campaigns and raises cash for the Leukemia Foundation. The boy's local radio station, 3AW said the teen had done it in support of a friend who is currently battling the disease.

Hmm - what do you think about this? Bit of an over-reaction by the school, or should the rules be upheld no matter what the 'excuse'?