20/03/2012 17:00 GMT

Israel Bans The Use Of Underweight Models (VIDEO)

Israel has banned the use of underweight models in advertising, under new legislation, which also forces magazines and papers to make it clear when they have used air-brushing.

Welcoming the law, 21-year-old model Dror Ben David said she thought it was a good idea and would prevent young people damaging their health and self esteem.

Rachel Adato, the lawyer and politician who sponsored the bill said the government was the world's first to use the law to take on the fashion industry - and called for other governments to follow suit.

Back in the UK we're not quite there yet, although Liberal Democrat MP Jo Swinson, who campaigns against airbrushing, recently told The Huffington Post UK: "Where advertisers cross the line it's important that they are held accountable more generally. It's not purely about women, there's big pressures on men as well."