21/03/2012 09:16 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Weigh To Go, Girl! Ten Year-Old Naomi Lifts Twice Her Body Weight And Smashes World Weightlifting Record

Weigh to go, girl! Ten year-old Naomi lifts twice her body weight and smashes world weightlifting record Caters

Primary schoolgirl Naomi Kutin has smashed a world weightlifting record - by hoisting more than TWO TIMES her own body weight.

Naomi, 10, claimed the astonishing achievement after squatting 215 pounds- that's more than 15st - despite weighing just under 93 pounds (6st 6lbs) herself.

She lifted the staggering amount - which weighs the same as Mike Tyson in his prime - in front of a packed crowd in Texas, USA.

The schoolgirl - who is only in Year Six and stands at just 4ft 8in tall -stunned onlookers by claiming the women's world record, outdoing the previous holder - a 44-year-old

Her dad Ed said: "Naomi was surrounded by burly men who would be deemed heavy weights, but she wasn't fazed.

"The RAW Unity meeting brings together everyone from all the different power lifting federations. So she was competing against the world's best.

"And there was Naomi, an average, ten-year-old stood among these towering and bulky guys waiting her turn. It was quite a sight.

"But the moment she did her first squat lift in front of a packed room of onlookers people were transfixed. "

Naomi, from Fairlawn, New Jersey, easily drew the biggest crowd, despite there being some pretty big names in the power lifting world present at the event.

"I remember the room went completely silent as she went for her second squat lift, which we upped to a bigger weight so that it would break the record.

"People's body language was as if they were trying to help her lift it too because they all wanted her to succeed.

"As soon as she landed that lift, and everyone knew she had broken the record, a roar of applause and cheering broke out."

Mum Neshama, 48, is adamant that should her daughter decide to pack up the sport, her parents will support her in whatever sport she chooses.

"As her mother she always amazes me with her strength," she said.

"She proves that if you put your mind to something and focus on your goal, anything is possible.

"She has set the bar that much higher that it could be a long time before someone else takes the title away from her.

"But it really is her option if she carries on. She likes lots of sports - karate, hockey, basketball, mixed martial arts. You name it she excels at it, but we won't force her to continue doing anything she doesn't want.

"She has never and will never use any drugs to enhance her performance, she imply has a natural talent.

"Other children may be brilliant singers or dancers, but Naomi just happens to be an excellent power lifter."

Watch Naomi at a previous weight lifting event.