Budget 2012: Funniest Twitter Reaction (PICTURES)

Budget 2012: Funniest Twitter Reactions (PICTURES)

While Chancellor George Osborne has spent Thursday morning dealing with a blacklash from the media and the public over yesterday's budget, Twitter has been flooded with amusing reaction and analysis.

Whether it was in-depth inquiry into the gritty statistical details of the budget or puns involving Wayne Rooney and the so-called 'granny tax', Twitter was flooded with commentary.

Policies including a cut in the top rate of income tax from 50p to 45p and personal allowance changes dominated the headlines this morning, with Twitter largely consumed with negative responses to Osborne's speech.

As the dust settles on a hectic day in the Commons, we have picked some of the best reaction from Twitter – perhaps not for their insight necessarily, but for their comedic value.


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