David Walliams Leaves Simon Cowell Cringing With Gay Jokes

'My Mum Asks If He's Gay'

Simon Cowell was left squirming in front of a TV audience after David Walliams targeted his Britain's Got Talent boss with a string of gay jibes.

The pair filmed interviews with ITV's Jonathan Ross earlier this week, and the episode is set to air on Saturday, after the shiny new BGT series hits our screens.

But despite being in the company of his new employer, outrageous comic David couldn't help but take the mickey out of the music mogul - by continually insinuating he is gay.

The Little Britain star, renowned for his camp antics, told Jonathan: "The main question I get is, ‘Is Simon gay?’ Even my mum asks. She says, ‘He’s nice. Is he gay?’

David continued his teasing by adding: "Well we know the answer to that. With the gay thing, the jury is still out."

Cowell was cringing backstage, and at one point joked that he wanted the interview to end, growling: "Most of this will be edited out."

But David wouldn't give up, and after poor Simon revealed he often works until the early hours of the morning, he quipped in with: "At 12 o’clock at night you’re working quite hard - because that’s when the ladyboys come round.”

Simon has faced gay rumours in the past due to his bachelor status and his habit of keeping his ex-girlfriends as close pals.

It was recently revealed he has called off his engagement to Mezhgan Hussainy.



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