London 2012 Organisers Deny Rumours Over Seating For Babies

Olympic Organisers Deny Rumours Over Seating For Babies

The organisers of the London Olympics have dismissed rumours that babies will not be guaranteed a seat next to their parents if they are bought a seat when tickets go back on sale.

Many people who bought tickets for the Games have subsequently had babies and want or need to be able to take them the events.

In January it was revealed that ticket holders would have to buy an extra ticket for events,, outraging parents.

Labour MP Dame Joan Ruddock told the Commons on Thursday that even if they were successful in getting extra tickets for their infants there was no plan to ensure they would be sat together.

"Rachel, my constituent, purchased her family’s Olympic tickets last year. Subsequently, she found herself pregnant, and expects to have a few-week-old baby at the time of her events," she said.

"When she contacted Locog, she was told to purchase an extra seat for the baby, but that the seat could not be guaranteed to be next to the parents. Given that airlines allow babes in arms at 35,000 ft, surely it is possible in a stadium. Will the minister intervene?"

Hugh Robertson, the Olympics minister, told the Commons he would "not even attempt to defend that one".

"The situation the right hon. Lady describes is clearly an absurdity and a solution will be found," he added.

A spokesperson for Locog said "any notion the child could have to sit the other side of the stadium is incorrect" and said they were working on a solution to the problem of ticket holders wanting to take new born babies to the Games.


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