Pandora's Tower Trailer For Wii: Creepiest Game Premise Ever?

Pandora’s Tower Trailer For Wii: Most Stomach-Churning Game Premise Ever?

Could Pandora's Tower be the most stomach-churning premise for a game since Man Hunt?

The new trailer, shown below, shows that the new game will feature the heroine being overtaken by a parasitic skin infection, while the only thing to save her is chewing some raw, viscous meat from a beast in said tower.

It's not one for those with a weak constitution, or those eating lunch.

The infection wriths and grows across her body. Its tentacles wriggle and wave about.

Even if you in real life can't stomach the half woman, half dermatological nightmare, you as protagonist must. When you rescue her with the pound of beast flesh you've spent the whole game collecting, she'll give you a hug with those writhing tentacles of hers.

So what do you think of the new Nintendo Wii game?

Tells us in comments below whether you're excited, or mildly disturbed by Pandora's Tower.


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