Rihanna Spotted In Late Night Visit To Ashton Kutcher's House

Rihanna 4 Ashton?!

We can't keep up with Rihanna.

One minute it looks like she's getting back with her ex Chris Brown. The next she's claiming she's unhappily single.

But now she's sent the rumour mill into meltdown (yet again), after a late night visit to none other than Ashton Kutcher.

RiRi was spotted arriving at the actor's $10m bachelor pad where he has been holed up since splitting from Demi Moore last December amid reports he cheated on her.

According to photographers there, RiRi rocked up around midnight, before slinking home at 4am.


It could all be innocent stuff though, of course. Perhaps they just fancied a late night game of Scrabble? After all, Shakira's proven it's all the rage in celebsville. Or maybe she simply wanted to have a neb round his gaff, which is currently on the market. Justin Bieber did the same earlier this month, after all.

We're keeping everything crossed that this is the start of a beautiful new celeb couple though. At least then Rihanna might finally move on from her ex Chris Brown.

Amen to that.



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