Facebook Reinstates Image Of Two Men Kissing

Facebook Reinstates Image Of Two Men Kissing After Decency Concerns

Facebook has come under fire after a picture of two men kissing was apparently removed from the site because it infringed publishing rules of posting images of a "sexual" or "delicate" nature.

The snap was uploaded by Madrid-Based Visible Cultura LGTB to promote its Gay Arts Looks For A Home documentary.

It was taken down for reportedly breaching decency codes, which bar images of a "political, sexual or other sensitive" nature, El Pais reported.

Facebook said the image was removed in error and has now been reinstated.

A spokesperson said: "Upon investigation, we concluded the advertisement does not violate our guidelines and was removed in error. The ad is now running and we apologise for the inconvenience."

Before the image was reinstates Visible Cultura has replaced the image - with a CENSORED stamp across it.

The page administrators posted a response: "Can a kiss between two men be inappropriate?

"Apparently, Facebook thinks so. This image has just been censored when LGTB Non Goverment Spanish Culture Association VISIBLE tried to use it in a paid add (sic) in Facebook to promote a crowdfunding project. The image is by artist Juan Hidalgo.

"Until when are we going to put up with this Facebook nonsense? Are we really in the 21st century?

The documentary being promoted by the group, "brings together a thousand works of gay and lesbians donated by over four hundred artists from thirty countries," El Pais said.

Check out some of our favorite same-sex kisses below:


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