23/03/2012 05:30 GMT

Jennifer Saunders And Dawn French Planning A Reunion

Jennifer Saunders and Dawn French plan to work together again - and the pair have even considered co-hosting a chat show.

The comedy duo split after their final project together, BBC sitcom Jam And Jerusalem, ended in 2010.

But Jennifer said they plan to join forces and that she has missed her former comedy partner.

"When she's finished writing her next book, we're going to sit down and talk about it seriously," Jennifer said.

"At one stage, we played with the idea of co-hosting a chat show. The trouble is, she loves living in Cornwall, so it may be hard to wrench her away."

Jennifer, who has had success with the return of Absolutely Fabulous, said of Dawn, who is currently starring in BBC drama Roger And Val Just Got In: "There are moments when I really miss working with her and doing the sketches."