jennifer saunders

The sketch featuring a famous American singer caused the pair to bin the series for good.
“It was as if I’d been thwacked in the face with a frying pan in a Tom and Jerry cartoon.”
It sounds like Eddie and Patsy could be returning to our screens in 2024.
The Comic Relief sketch even featured two favourites from the actual series.
The pair have worked together since meeting at drama school in the 80s.
And don't expect to see Dawn's comedy parter Jennifer Saunders on that famous dance floor either.
From Jennifer Saunders' new Mamma Mia send-up to Ed Balls (sort of) joining Little Mix.
"This is undoubtedly one of the silliest things I’ve done."
"Versatile, funny and generous. Much loved and will be much missed."
She also believes it's best to leave the beloved show in the past 😭