23/03/2012 05:57 GMT | Updated 23/03/2012 06:01 GMT

Michael Jackson's Mansion Catches The Eye Of 'Major Celebrity' After Going On The Market

After being put on the market for a cool $23.9m (£15.1m), the house where Michael Jackson died has reportedly caught the eye of a 'major celebrity'.

The unnamed celeb was due to look round the seven bedroom, 13 bathroom mansion in the swanky Holmby Hills area of Los Angeles yesterday, according to website TMZ.

The celeb in question really must have some serious dollar, as the estate agent has ruled the house can only be viewed by buyers who can prove they have enough cash to afford it.

But you don't need to have a bulging bank balance to take a look around.

The house - where Michael lived with his three children until his death in June 2009 - has been on and off the market seven times since the singer passed away.

The price has dropped againsince the last time it was up for sale when the asking price was $29 million. This is way down on the $38 million which it was sold for back in 2008.

It features the luxury of an outside pool, a guest house and even a lift.

Last year the contents of the house went on sale and fetched nearly $1 million at auction.

Among the things sold were a chalkboard which Michael's children had written "I love daddy" on and an armoire which MJ wrote a message to himself on in the mirror.