Michael Jackson

Featuring Britney's snake, Miley's foam finger and Beyoncé's big reveal.
The 25-year-old model also said internet trolls have told her to kill herself for not posting on her dad's birthday.
The Shakespeare In Love actor was cast as Jackson in a never-aired episode of the Sky Arts series Urban Myths, drawing widespread condemnation.
The singer's nephew, whose father is Jermaine Jackson, has been recording his own songs since 2019.
The Celebrity Juice star said recent events had made him reconsider his actions on the show.
Floyd's tragic death has led to riots in the US and outcry across the world.
"I said, 'do you want to talk about *your* dead friend?'," the Home Alone star revealed.
The reality star and singer will perform the hits of Jackson in the West End production.
We’re not sure whether we owe the Duchess of Sussex privacy or she owes us exposure, especially when taxpayers’ money is involved, freelance journalist Joanna York writes.
"He couldn't seem to cope with adult company at all."