Cats Improve Art: Renaissance Masterpieces Get The LOLcat Treatment

Cats Improve Art: Renaissance Masterpieces Meet The Internet

Oh, cats. Where would the internet be without you?

Not since ancient Egypt have our feline friends been so widely worshipped as today – and this latest photo series proves the point.

What could possibly improve upon the great works of renaissance art? What addition could possibly make the Mona Lisa any more beguiling? Or elevate an Botticelli to even greater heights?

The 2012 internet mind goes: "one thing could, surely. A lovely LOLcat."

Svetlana Petrova, a Russian artist has taken iconic works of art from the classical period through Modernism and beyond, and added one simple detail: a big, fat, ginger cat.

Artistic blasphemony, or just a-meowsing? Only you – and the rest of the internet – can decide...


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