Greggs Bakery 'Bigger Than McDonalds' And 5 Other Surprising Facts

Top 5 Facts About Greggs

Greggs bakery has hit the headlines after a row involving chancellor George Osborne over his decision to add 20% VAT on hot pasties and pies.

Greggs has developed into one of Britain's biggest high street food chains. So after George Osborne's pie fight, here's 5 other moderately surprising facts about Greggs according to Wikipedia:

1. In 2003, in an attempt to test the foreign market, Greggs opened a total of ten stores in Belgium

2. In March 2011, the company opened its 1,500th shop, in York

3. Greggs is a bigger fastfood chain in the UK than McDonalds

4. Greggs raised £1,001,056 for Children In Need in 2011

5. Actress and model Milla Jovovich said in 2002 that she would be willing to become the "face of Greggs"


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