Sarkozy Asks TV Channels Not To Broadcast Mohammed Merah Footage

President Sarkozy has called on TV stations not to broadcast footage of the attacks by Mohammed Merah that the killer sent out to the media.

Speaking on Tuesday he said: "I ask of those in charge of all the TV channels in possession of these images not to broadcast the images under any pretext out of respect for the victims and out of respect for the republic."

The plea came as Al-Jazeera announced they would not be airing a video they received of the crazed gunman carrying out three separate attacks in south-west France in March.

Al-Jazeera said it received a memory stick with clips from the killings set to music, alongside readings from the Koran.

The package was reportedly dated 21 March, leading police to suspect it was sent by a third party after police surrounded Merah's flat.

The videos, titled "Al-Qaeda attacks France" were sent to the media before Merah was shot by police.

Merah killed three soldiers, three children and a rabbi over 10 days near Toulouse.

Witnesses to Merah's attack on a Jewish school said the gunman recorded the murders via a video camera hung around his neck.

Merah was shot in the head by a police sniper last week as he attempted to flee through a window, anti-terrorist prosecutors said.

During the dramatic raid that led to his death on Thursday morning, Merah shot at police more than 30 times. Prosecutors said they did "everything we could" to arrest him alive.

"We had to get him in the end. What else can we tell you," prosecutor Francois Molins said during a press conference.

According to reports his brother has been charged by French police with complicity in the murders.

Images of the siege at Merah's flat

Toulouse siege