Man Fights Canada Goose Over Dropped Bag (VIDEO)

WATCH: Man Vs. Goose - But Who Wins?

Geese are not to be messed with. Wolves and bears may have the bigger reputation, but trust us, you don't want to be on the wrong side of one of these feathered fellows.

Just take a look at this poor man's plight to see what we mean. All he's trying to do is pick up a co-worker's bag, but a stray Canada goose has other ideas.

Hissing and honking and snapping at him, he's forced to defend himself with a variety of humiliating impromtu martial arts moves. Hiya! Wa-cha! Et cetera!

But though these geese can be pretty damn aggressive when they're protecting their nests, you've got to remember how cute they are when they're little 'uns. Just take a look at our video gallery of goslings being utterly adorable below for supercute proof...


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