29/03/2012 13:37 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Missing Parrot Turns Up In Playground - And Makes Straight For Owner's Shoulder!

African grey parrot

A family had given up hope of being reunited with their four-year-old African Grey parrot, Scarlett, after she took flight from their Laleston, Bridgend, home.

Emma Underhill, 29, was desperate for news of their pet, but was expecting the worst when she was missing for 24 hours. But then, Emma received a call from nine-year-old daughter Shannon's SCHOOL saying the bird had turned up in the playground and made a bee-line for Shannon's shoulder!

Emma told her local newspaper: "After she was gone for more than 24 hours we never ever expected to get her back, but then I got a call from the school.

"I could not believe it and I said 'you must be joking' but Miss Jury said 'no, she's sitting here right here on Shannon's shoulder'.

"It is a miracle. I am just in shock."

Amazed Shannon said the bird flew straight to her at Llangweydd Junior School, and began reeling off her familiar phrases - including asking a teacher if she wanted a kiss!

Shannon said she thought she would get told off for having a parrot in school, but was relieved when her head-teacher said Scarlett was 'sweet'!

"I was nearly crying I was so happy," the delighted youngster said.

Scarlett escaped and flew from the family's back garden on Saturday. Despite searching the local area for the bird and putting up posters, the family had made only one sighting of her up a tree, and attempts to capture her were fruitless. She had then taken flight again.

Charlotte Jury, an administration officer at Shannon's school said Scarlett's reappearance was 'amazing' but admitted she had 'startled' some of the dinner ladies.

"When Mr Underhill arrived to pick Scarlet up she said 'hello daddy'" Ms Jury said, "I know it's a bit sentimental but I like to think she wanted to go home and she found Shannon – the person who could take her there."

Aw! HOW sweet!