Alice Pasquini Proves Street Art Can Be Subtle (PICTURES + VIDEO)

Meet The Feminist Street Artist

Alice Pasquini's work depicts 'strong and independent women'

The term 'graffiti art' tends to conjure visions of surrealist cartoons, pop art - or worse – garish, block letter ‘tags’ left behind by some egotist with a spray can.

But, as we’ve covered before on HuffPost Culture, it doesn’t always have to be that way.

Italian artist Alice Pasquini’s work is concerned primarily with relationships, human interaction and “depicting strong and independent women”.

Using spray paint and acrylics, her romantic images are understated in a way not normally associated with street art.

But why choose a wall in the street over a traditional canvass in the first place?

“For me, the meaning and value of art comes from the exchange between the artist and the viewer.

“This exchange happens in the street in a more unexpected, surprising and freer way than in a gallery,” she says.

Watch this video to see how Alice creates her work:


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