04/04/2012 14:45 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Competitive Parenting: Parents Admit To Comparing Their Babies To Others - And Exaggerating

Competitive crawling babies Rex

Let's face it, we proud parents love nothing more than talking about our beloved offspring. But we're also obsessed with comparing our children to others of the same age and bigging up our children's achievements - from their first smile right through to their A'level grades.

A new survey of 700 parents found that over 80 per cent admitted to comparing their baby regularly to others, but also found that 68 per cent admitted to over-exaggerating their baby's development milestones. No surprise there!

Dr Lin Day, founder of Baby Sensory, which carried out the survey and runs 'baby development classes' (!) from newborn to 13 months, said: "During the first three months after birth, babies develop faster than at any other time in their lives. However, there is a temptation, especially with a first baby, for parents to compare their baby with others, which can be dangerous territory. Parents may start to worry that their baby isn't developing as quickly as others. It's important to remember that every baby is unique and will reach his or her milestones at their own pace.

"Research shows that some parents may over-exaggerate their baby's development. It is definitely worth bearing this in mind next time your friend tells you that her little one is crawling at four months."

Do you compare your baby/child to others? Are you more relaxed with subsequent children?

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