Forty Utterly Questionable Draw Something Pictures

Forty Utterly Questionable Draw Something Pictures

Are you wasting all your spare time on Draw Something yet? Most people with a smartphone seem to be, if they're not pinning other people's images on Pinterest or sticking captions on cats.

If you're yet to taste the delights on the new, free app, Draw Something is a kind of virtual, remote Pictionary that you can play with your friends or total randoms.

The idea is that you get given a choice of three words to illustrate, have a crack by drawing an image to represent it using your chunky finger and a set range of pens.

Just you try re-creatign Beyonce's finely honed thigh with your chunky digits. It's a tough gig.

The results can be entirely sketchy, and Draw Something has sent us forty images of our favourite celebs, models and superstars Katie Price, Skrillez, David Beckham, Kate Moss and The Beatles to illustrate the point.

Enjoy David Beckham illustrated as a stick figure with golden balls, Katie Price with her finest features on display, Kate Moss (who is apparently famous for wearing a Supreme T-shirt) and Skrillez with his lustrous hair brushed to one side.

Laugh as much as you like, then download the app and ask yourself, would you have got half of these right?


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