Survey Reveals 'The Perfect Man'

Does Your Perfect Man Earn £48K, Drive An Audi... And Love His Mother?

A woman’s perfect man earns £48K, drives an Audi and drinks beer, according to a new poll by Austin Reed.

Stylish clothes, a good body, and a clean shaven face are also a ‘must’, revealed a survey of 2,000 women, while poor DIY skills and vegetarianism, don’t pass muster.

The ideal man must also be able to swim, ride a bike, and make family his top priority (while maintaining a high-earning job, of course).

And, although girls don't like their other half to be too 'deep' (with 43% preferring their chap to joke around and have a laugh than enjoy in-depth conversations), 86% say they want a man who is sensitive, calls his mother regularly and cries during films.

A spokesperson for Austin Reed said: "It would seem that women have high expectations when it comes to the perfect man. How a man is presented is obviously going to be a huge part of that. While women don’t want a man to be too preened, they would like him to be stylish and up to date with current trends."

Researchers found the dream man will have short dark hair and a smart dress sense - similar to that of TV presenter Steve Jones.

So, do any of these guys fit your ‘perfect man’ bill?