12/04/2012 13:56 BST | Updated 12/04/2012 14:03 BST

Re-Imagined Disney Posters With An Adult Side

Most people remember their favourite Disney films with fond memories of their childhoods.

Rowan Stocks-Moore feels this too, but on re-watching noticed a darker side to the old favourites.

He designed new film posters with an adult edge, and the results are just lovely.

Speaking to HuffPost Culture, he said: “I have a great interest in creating optical illusions and visual jokes, some of which only adults might notice, and I felt that such visual tricks would work well in these 'adult Disney' posters.”

So we get Snow White’s fateful apple hiding a couple about to kiss, and Pinocchio, released from his strings, running off stage.

The result is clever and whimsical, ingeniously highlighting bits of the films that are fondly remembered, and pointing out a twist.

As part of a degree in Visual Art and Marketing, Stocks-Moore developed an admiration for graphic design which turned into a career.

The pictures were picked up by TQS magazine and have since attracted worldwide interest.

He hopes to make more Disney art in the future.

We think they are a great way of taking another look at classic films - and might make it a little less embarrassing to have a Little Mermaid poster on your wall.