Anders Breivik Trial: Norway Mass Killer Cries During Own Propaganda Video

Anders Breivik showed no emotion as a court read out gruesome details of the 77 people he murdered - but a 12 minute propaganda film outlining his beliefs caused the self-confessed killer to weep.

The 33-year-old was pictured wiping tears away from his face as the Oslo court were shown his film, which centres on Breivik's belief that Western civilisation faces a threat from multiculturalism.

Cameras filming the trial did not show the video, but according to reports it said: "Before we can start our crusade, we must do our duty decimating cultural Marxism."

Earlier Breivik showed no emotion as the judge read out the names and details of the people he killed in twin attacks on Oslo and the island of Utoya last July, the youngest of whom was just 14 years old.

The killer wipes away a tear as the court sees his propaganda video

Wearing a dark suit and metallic-coloured tie, he looked down and touched his chin as the gruesome details of their deaths were read out.

Some of the details of the murders and injuries were so horrific the Norwegian media bleeped them out.

Overall 102 names, dates of births and details of those killed and injured were read out in court over 30 minutes.

He also smiled as pictures of him dressed in uniform taken from his 'manifesto' were shown in court, and when the prosecutor outlined details of the bomb he made to carry out his twin attacks in Oslo and Utoya.

He told judges he acknowledged killing 77 people in twin attacks in Oslo and at a Labour Party youth camp on the islands of Utoya, but pleaded not guilty, saying he was acting in "self-defence."

As some left while the prosecutor showed the "effects of the explosion" in Oslo, Breivik smirked and appeared to be holding back his laughter.

The prosecutor outlined before the footage was shown the images, which were not broadcast to cameras, that many in court had expressed their wish to leave the court while the video played.

"As the chair of the court initially stated I have been notified that there are several affected parties who do not wish to see the opening part of this particular statement," prosecutor Holden said.

The prosecutor then outlined the details of Breivik's shooting spree on Utoya island and a Labour party summer camp, before playing an audio recording of his time on the island.

Prosecutors showed images of Breivik taken from his manifesto

He told the judge: "I do not recognise the Norwegian courts"