Pippa Middleton Not To Be Questioned By Paris Police About Gun Pictures Unless Formal Complaint Made

No Action By French Police Over Pippa Middleton Gun

Pippa Middleton will not be investigated by police unless a formal complaint is lodged over pictures showing her being driven through Paris by a friend apparently brandishing a handgun.

French police said they cannot launch an investigation based on the strength of the photographs alone, published in the Sun on Monday, which sparked an outcry on both sides of the Channel.

The incident occurred in Paris this weekend, just weeks after France was rocked by a series of gun massacres.

They will only probe the matter further if a potential witness comes forward or if the photographer himself presents officers with evidence.

A spokesman for the French fashion designer that was seen in a car with Pippa Middleton, told AP that the pistol pictured was a toy gun, and just "a game" with paparazzi, who knew it was fake.

Prince William's sister-in-law found herself at the centre of controversy after she was pictured in the French capital on Saturday .

The 28-year-old had been in Paris for a lavish fancy dress party to celebrate the 30th birthday of fashion entrepreneur and aristocrat Vicomte Arthur de Soultrait.

Middleton wore a satin bodice adorned with pink bows, a more modest interpretation of 18th century dress, compared with the some guests, who can be seen wearing dog collars, chains and suggestive masks.

Middleton wearing the fuchsia concoction for the party

Images taken a day later show her travelling in an Audi convertible while the driver points what appears to be a pistol at the photographer.

France is still reeling from a string of gun massacres but police in the capital insist they are currently taking no action over the photographs.

"We don't know the circumstances in which these photographs were taken," a source said.

"But we cannot launch an inquiry based simply on photographs that have appeared online and in the press. There would need to be a witness but at the moment there is nothing.

"To launch an investigation, it would be necessary for there to have been a complaint or something would need to have presented itself to police.

"A photograph cannot launch an investigation. In this case, there are just the photographs. No one was injured and nothing more happened. There is nothing to this affair, at the moment, as far as police are concerned."


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