Proof That Jack And Rose Could Have Fitted On That 'Titanic' Plank Of Wood Pretty Easily (PICTURE)

Photo Proof That James Cameron's 'Titanic' Didn't Work At All

Could James Cameron have made an, ahem, Titanic mistake? If you take a look at this image - and have somehow, God knows, managed to stop laughing at our extraordinarily awful joke - then it looks like he may well have.

The picture shows a couple mocking up one of the final scenes of the film - the moment where the sick Rose (Winslet) is floating on a piece of the ship's debris as Jack (DiCaprio) holds on beside her.

As anyone who's watched the movie will tell you - and chances are, you'll fall into this category - Jack goes onto sink into the water and, um, die. Rose lives, and becomes one of the most financially and historically irresponsible jewellery owners of all time.

But what if Jack had managed to haul himself onto the flotsam? There'd be plenty of room, just look! They could even have played cards, it seems.

And yet, though we want to have a chuckle about this one, the question is one of physics. Could Jack have pulled himself up - even if he still had the strength - without dunking poor Rose into the icy water? Or perhaps Rose could have shuffled along to the other end and acted as a countermeasure?

Perhaps we'll never know. Still, at least in the meantime we can enjoy all these Titanic spoofs that have washed ashore of late...


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