20/04/2012 06:10 BST | Updated 20/04/2012 08:21 BST

Sir Alex Ferguson Has 'Had A Word' With Ashley Young After Manchester United Winger's Theatrics

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has said he has "had a word" with Ashley Young, after the winger was accused of diving.

Young won two penalties in successive weeks against QPR and Aston Villa for the Red Devils, who went on to win both matches, despite minimal contact.

And the England international, who exhibited a penchant for going to ground too easily at Aston Villa, has been collared by his manager.

"I have had a word with Ashley [Young]. He understands where we are coming from. Hopefully it makes a difference."

Ferguson has before had to curb the theatrics of Cristiano Ronaldo, after he arrived from Sporting Lisbon in 2003. Gary Neville admitted to United fanzine Red News he too told the Portuguese he was "going too far" once.

Young has been lampooned by internet folk:

The 70-year-old Scot did however add that the club Young plays for augments the criticism levelled at him.

"I watched Real Madrid and Bayern Munich the other night and it was absolutely ridiculous, players were diving and rolling about, nothing like what Young has been accused of. Then you see the other night in the Chelsea game, we are in an age where you expect it now."

Young's recent antics meanwhile appear to have altered the previously jingoistic British view on divers. His two tumbles came shortly after James Perch appeared to feign agony during Newcastle's win against Liverpool.

Perch was headbutted by Reds goalkeeper Pepe Reina after the defender tripped him. The contact was minimal yet the former Nottingham Forest man over-exaggerates the distress.